Smart Phones and Birth Control


“Ask if Birth Control is Right for You” is a sketch by Amy Schumer turning the hurdle filled mission to get birth control into a satire that women can laugh at but still understand the struggle. Being a woman seems to come with a cornucopia of issues which shouldn’t have to include getting pregnant when they want to but it does.

Amy has to ask a boy scout, the mail man, her boss, a priest, social media, Jeeves, her mother’s boyfriend, and the Supreme Court to see if she can get birth control only to be questioned on why she has sex for fun. She finally gets it, only to have to go through all of it again the next month.

It’s the modern age with educated Millennials and super computers; shouldn’t there be a solution to this? ┬áThere might be.

You can now get birth control from an app but is it a solution to one problem and causing another one?

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Smart Phones and Birth Control