Leo Crossing Racial Lines?


Hollywood is not shy about whitewashing their “hopeful” blockbuster movies. From God’s of Egypt all white “Egyptians,” a white Khan from Star Trek, to an all white cast in Dragon Ball Z. The real life story of 13th century Muslin poet, Rumi is in talks to be turned in a feature length film.

Hollywood screenwriter Dave Franzon has agreed to write the script for this true story. He and producer Joel Brown admit that it is to early to cast but they hope that the main role of Rumi will be played by (finally) Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio.

Everyone loves Leo but came Leo pull off being a Persian poet born in present-dat Afghanistan. For a cherry on top, they also want Robert Downey Jr. to play Shams of Tabriz, who is the Iranian spiritual advisor to Rumi.

Another wonderful actor but to address the elephant in the room… They are both white. They are white men trying to play non-white characters. Not as a metaphor but on purpose.

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Leo Crossing Racial Lines?

July 17th is World Emoji Day!


If you ever took the time to look close enough, the calendar emoji on you iPhone says July 17th. Just because of that, July 17th has been declared World Emoji Day.

Google is using this day to make a stand. The majority of the professions illustrated by emojis are men. The only emojis that are women are princesses, brides, getting their haircut and dancing ladies. This obviously isn’t the proper representation of women.

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July 17th is World Emoji Day!