Media Moms and Digital Dads


You can’t walk down the street without seeing people’s faces in a screen. Whether it is a phone, tablet, or computer, we have it and we are watching it. Teenagers spend a quarter of their day in front of a screen. That fact isn’t a surprising one. Especially since the younger generation was practically born with a phone in their hands.

Millennials are the ones always on their phones. The problem is with the Millennials but the better question is where did they learn it from? Where does anyone learn anything? Their parents.

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Media Moms and Digital Dads

Parenting the Parents; the Negative Impact of Helecopter Parenting


Children who have intrusive parents or “helicopter parent” grow up to become hyper critical of themselves. They in turn develop anxiety and depression as they age.

“When parents become intrusive in their children’s lives, it may signal to the children that what they do is never good enough,” said study leader Ryan Hong, an assistant professor in the department of psychology at the National University of Singapore.

The National University of Singapore conducted a five year study on primary school children and their parents. The parents who acted intrusively had high expectations of their academic performance and overreacted when their child made a mistake. This in turn made the child become overly critical over themselves and strove for perfection.

Helicopter Parents have been around for only a few generations and this study shows the effects it has on their children. It is obvious that that type of parenting is not the healthiest but the impact it has on the children is dramatic.

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Parenting the Parents; the Negative Impact of Helecopter Parenting