South Koreans are the Pandas of the Human Race

Joseph Kahn is a Korean music video director, most notable for Taylor Swift’s latest videos. He is unmarried and does not plan on having children. He believes he is contributing to the extinction of Koreans.

“We’re literally the pandas of the human race,” he says. “You’re very lucky to be talking to me, because I’m a beautiful panda.”

The birth rate of South Korea has dropped to 1.05 births per woman for their lifetime. It is steadily dropping. If it continues in this digression, Koreans will be nonexistent by 2750.

The South Korean government is pushing for a more comprehensive fertility policy as the birthrate falls to the lowest level in over a decade. The Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn is pushing this policy with extreme determination.

“In Statistics Korea’s recent report, the birthrate and number of marriages between January and May falls below that of the level in 2005, which had been the lowest record to date. Society’s concern over the fertility issue is growing,” Hwang said in a meeting in his office on the beginning of the month.

This is tied with the rise of the country. South Korea started out as one of the poorest countries to one of the wealthiest. Within the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, Korean’s work hours are the third longest. This means that people barely spend time at home, which leads to no time for baby making.

Another issue is that Korean women need to choose between having kids or having a career. It is a common issue for being a women but in South Korea, women make 65% of what men are making.

Women are more competitive in the workforce then men and women spend five times as long at home taking care of kids. That means in an example of the majority, if the woman decides to go to work, the man wouldn’t make the decision to stay home and take care of the kids; they just wouldn’t have kids.  “There are not enough modern men for the newly educated women to marry,” said economist Jisoo Hwang.

If the birthrate continues to trend this way, it will lead to colleges and universities closing. In 30 years, South Korea will be one of the oldest countries, in terms of population.

It seems to be the way the younger population thinks is the reasoning. They are waiting for later in life to get married and have children. They focus on their careers and sustaining the economy. Unfortunately, this comes with a bad downside. They are risking the fact that they are working themselves into nonexistence.


South Koreans are the Pandas of the Human Race

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