Save the Bees


The bees are dying! It is something that we have been hearing for a while but do we really know why they are dying? It is something to do with pesticides but no one really knows for sure.

A new study says that commonly used insecticide is acting as a birth control for the male drone honey bees.

Almost one trillion bees have died since 2006 and the reasons are all man made. They are dying because of insects, bacteria and fungus being introduced to their environments. Also because of poor husbandry. For example, being ged corn syrup instead of honey. Of course, another reason why they are dying is because of the use of chemicals called neonicotinoids in pesticides.


Neonics are in high concentrations in home gardening products. They kill soils and water organisms and it is common knowledge that they harm bees. Yet, two billion pounds are used every year.

Neonicotinoids don’t directly kill the male drones. Once consumed, the male bees produced 39% less live sperm than those who didn’t. These bees main job is to mate with the queen and create more bees. If they are unknowingly on birth control, they cannot complete their one job. (You had one job, bees!)

61% is a lot less than 100% but 61% is still plenty of live sperm. The study proves how pesticides are harming bees but it is still not the singular factor. Mites, parasites, diseases and poor nutrition are factors as well but low sperm count is a large factor.

We need bees to survive. Dr. Reese Halter is an acclaimed conservation biologist and environmentalist. He has been working hard to spread the word that bees are our friends.


We need healthy bees to survive on the planet. Bees give us our food, our clothes (cotton), 450 million pounds of honey and nine million pounds of beeswax in America annually. Also powerful apis therapy and pain medicines for rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. When the bees die, we die. [x]

Save the Bees

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