Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.


The new Wonder Woman poster was revealed today by the leading lady herself, Gal Gadot via Twitter. Of course, everyone is in love. What everyone was waiting for has finally been released to the masses. Color.

Wonder Woman is scheduled to release June 2nd, 2017. Before she was Wonder Woman, she was just Diana. She is the princess of the Amazons and an unconquerable warrior. She was raised on a sheltered island when an American pilot crash lands on their shores. The pilot tells Diana about a massive conflict in the outside world. Diana is convinced she can help and leaves home. She joins man’s war and discovers more about herself.

When reintroduced to Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman, she was introduced in a costume that was dark and muted. Patty Jenkins is going to give the real Diana that was muted in Snyder’s BvS. Of course, BvS was not about Wonder Woman and maybe that is why her shine had to be dulled. Jenkins is going to deliver the Wonder Woman the world needs to see.

The new poster reveals Diana in a familiar way. She is armed and ready to fight but with a twist. Vivid colors surrounding her and consuming her. Wonder Woman is the most popular heroine of all time. She stands for peace, strength, humanity, and femininity.

The tagline even furthers characterizes Diana. Power, grace, wisdom, and wonder. It is Wonder Woman. It is how she deserves to be seen. Vivid and colorful, even when casted in the shadows.

Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.

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