The Wiggles 18+ only Pub Tour


Many 20 something year olds are going crazy over the idea of the Wiggles touring again. Not only are the Wiggles touring again but they are doing a pub tour.

The Wiggles was an Australian kid’s music group from the early 90s. The Wiggles found international success in the late 90s when they performed in Disneyland. They were discovered by the Barney & Friends producers.

They toured continuously, even though some members were sick. They stayed loyal to their fans and even performed after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. The Wiggles felt that their fans deserved their loyalty and respect to perform even though others have cancelled events.

The Wiggles started filming shows with ABC and doubled their tour schedule. Even though the Wiggles never “retired,” many felt they did. Greg Page (Yellow Wiggle) left the Wiggles because of health reasons. He did eventually returned but then all of the original members left and replaced in 2012. We all felt like the Wiggles ended. It was like when Steve left for college in Blue’s Clues.

Earlier this year, Blue Wiggle Anthony Fields officially announced their Adults only shows in Australia. They performed their first ever 18+ show in February and they loved it so much that they announced more. The shows are for charity but honestly, people will show up regardless.

“The vibe was so great, the original Wiggles fan were so passionate, you can’t help wanting to do it again,” said Fields. “I just want to do it again, and do the same thing, make it a charity thing… It would be great fun.”

What would be better for our Millennials than to forget about reality for a second, get drunk and sing Hot Potato? Unfortunately, their shows are only in Australia but if you find yourself there this September, find the Wiggles. Wake up Jeff once for me.

The Wiggles 18+ only Pub Tour

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