Pitbull gets a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


Mr. World Wide has a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! He started in the 305 but he is now in Hollywood.

Pitbull received the 2,584th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this Friday. Armando Christian Perez had his ceremony filled with fans and three people who are essential to him; Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, Tony Robbins and Lil Jon. The star is located at Celia Cruz square. Celia Cruz is one of Pitbull’s idols.

Pitbull is a first generation Cuban American born in Miami’s Little Havana. Little Havana community’s top respected people are drug dealers. Pitbull could have turned out totally different. Tony Robbins speaks about Pitbull in an endearing way:

He’s a man where somewhere inside he’s got so much love for people that he couldn’t hurt anyone. At 17, he did the most important thing that any of us could do, he decided what is life was going to be about. He decided to leave the idea of selling drugs and see how he could light people up with something much more powerful; his music, his heart, his soul, and he’s done that.

This is a very relatable sentiment. There are many people who grow up in urban areas with violent tendencies. Pitbull’s story shows people out there that it is possible to break the mold. He made a choice where his life was going to end up and he made sure that it happened.His motives are pure, he wants to make people with dance music.

He also makes sure to give back to the community. He wants to give opportunities to others. He takes time to talk to and give love to everyone he meets. Pitbull created a charter school, SLAM Institute. It stands for Sports and Leadership Academy. Courses offered in areas of sports medicine, sports marketing and entertainment media, and sports business and management. It also offers students internships within the community.

Pitbull graciously thanks everyone who helped him become who he is, especially his mother. “I want to say thank you to my mother because she taught me one thing, it’s the most important thing in life, she taught me how to survive. To teach them how to go against all odds and see that nothing could stop them as long as they believe in themselves and do right by others.”

Pitbull fought for the American Dream, just like many others who came to this country to find happiness. He decided he would achieve it and did not stop until he did. Pitbull seems like a silly guy, singing about hotels, falling trees, and international love but his story is motivational.

He promises that he is just getting started. Let’s see what he can do next.


Pitbull gets a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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