4 Things You Should Know About Donald Trump

Disclaimer: I am not really into politics and I really don’t study it. I know its wrong but before recently, I paid no mind to it. Unfortunately, this is stuff I cannot ignore. 

Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican candidate for president and he is almost always in the news about one thing or another. He likes to “speak his mind” and that sparks controversy. If you google news on Donald Trump, you will get; “Ted Cruz to speaks at RNC following Trump,” “Trump holds tense talks with Senate Republicans,” and “Donald Woos some GOP Lawmakers, Leaves Others Cold.” You have to search a little longer and more specific to find some dirt on the Donald.

Here are four things that you won’t find with one click of a google search:

1- Assassination attempt on Trump

On June 18th, a 19 year old Michael Sandford tried to steal a cop’s gun at a Trump Rally in Vegas.

While inside the theater, a subject, later identified as 19 year old Michael Sandford, approached a uniformed LVMPD officer who was assigned to the event. Sandford began a conversation with the officer under the pretense that he was seeking an autograph. During the conversation, Sandford attempted to disarm the officer. The officers assigned to the event were able to quickly take Sandford into custody with little further disruption at the venue.[x]

July 6th, Sandford plead not guilty in court. When it initially happened, the only coverage it received from from the UK. Was that because the suspect is British? Or was it because Trump couldn’t use it for his advantage? Sandford was in the country illegally but Trump is only against “Mexicans and Muslims entering the country illegally” not British boys. Trump is standing by the second amendment so he isn’t going to make a comment on gun control. Most people didn’t even know that this happened.

2- Trump allegedly raped a 13 year old girl in the 1990s.

The 13 year old girl, now an adult now, filed a lawsuit against Trump June 2016 about her abuse that happened in the early 90s. Jane Doe was an aspiring model and was invited to a party hosted by Jeffery Epstein. She was a promising career career if she attended. She claimed that she was with Trump at least six times and a few times it got violent.

She is not the only one claiming rape against the Republican nominee. Jill Harth filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Trump in 1997 but it was dismissed once Trump settled a lawsuit with Harth’s husband. Even Ivana Trump claimed that she was raped during their marriage during their divorce deposition in 1990.

3- Ivanka Trump for Veeps

When Trump appeared on Live with Kelly and Michael last December, Kelly asked him since he is so close with his children, will he leave a place on the administration? “Well, I’m thinking about making Ivanka vice president. What do you think?” The studio audience erupted in applause and cheers. Trump then says he was kidding. Maybe he was?

In any other election cycle, in any other circumstance, it would be a late-night comedy skit talking about something like this. But the fact of the matter is we live in a post-rational, post-Trump era, and so even the craziest fucking bullshit now has to be viewed as, ‘He could do it!’ (Rick Wilson, Republican strategist)

Trump supporters are sold on the idea. Ivanka is like her father and if something does happen to the Donald, who should replace him but another Trump.

4- Trump doesn’t really have a stance on anything, just vague statements and take backs.

If you google “Trump’s stances” this is what you will find: Gun Control: “We’re going to cherish the Second Amendment.” Health care: “I would end Obamacare and replace it with something terrific, for far less money for the country and for the people.” National Security and Nuclear Weapons: “The fact is that we need unpredictability.”

He sort of has a stance but he keeps it vague enough that he can say that he intended almost anything. When he in confronted with something he said he would do but doesn’t actually do it, he claims, “I’m allowed to change my mind.”

Donald Trump is running for President of the United States and a lot of people are lobbying for him. It is concerning that these people don’t have all of the information about this man who might be elected to govern our country and in a way representing all of us.


4 Things You Should Know About Donald Trump

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