SEA2SEE Eyewear Means You Care

SEA2SEE Eyewear is an initiative started by François van den Abeele. He is a entrepreneur and is passionate about the ocean and nature. François believes that every effort counts when you are trying to change the world. The biggest challenge is to change consumption habits and re-image product designs. As a father, he wants his children to inherit a better Earth.

It is said that by the year 2050, oceans are predicted to have more plastic in it then fish. Discarded fishing gear and lost nets trap and poison marine life everyday. SEA2SEE Eyewear want to help. They collect discarded fishnets from the ports and coasts of Spain and “upcycle” them into sunglasses.

SEA2SEE wants to “disrupt a contaminating eyewear industry” which helps perpetuate a noncircular economy and sustainability. Even though the product is made from “upcycled” materials, the product is good quality. They teamed up with sunglasses manufacturers from Italy, who has been in the game for many years.

The sunglasses are durable, impact resistant and flexible. They are lightweight at only 23 grams, which is less than an ounce. The lens are enhanced with 400 UV protection and color refinement.

Wearing SEA2SEE is not just supporting bettering the environment but wearing it declares the statement. While collecting discarded fishnets, they will educate fishermen and help promote better habits. Of course, they will provide free sunglasses to anyone who learns something.

They have a simple message. They just want to make the world a better place to live and make stylish sunglasses. They want their message heard.

People are listening and they agree with their message. They have met their goal on their kickstarter. They still have one day left so you still have a change to support them. By pledging different amounts of money, you can receive as little as thank you note to as big as eight pairs of personalized glasses.

Click here to support SEA2SEE eyewear
SEA2SEE Eyewear Means You Care

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