Hiddleswift killed James Bond


Hiddleswift (Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift) has gained more and more attention as time goes by but it isn’t the right type of attention. At least not for Tom.

The 35 year old British actor was in advance talks to replace Daniel Craig in the new Bond series. The public relationship with Taylor Swift may have cost that for him.

Everyone knows that once you enter a relationship with Taylor Swift, whether its a romantic one or platonic one, it is going to be publicized to the extreme. This July 4th, Taylor has a huge celebrity get together in her home in Rhode Island. Cara Delevingne, Blake Lively, Ruby Rose, and many others attended her party. Tom Hiddleston was there of course, dawning a “I ‘heart’ T.S.” tank top.

Whoever plays the 007 secret agent needs an “air of mystery” and according to a Bond film source, Tom has lost it. His public and social media documented relationship has totally destroyed any mystery he once had.

Tom grabbed the attention of the Bond casters when he performed in The Night Manager. Tom, on his own, was known for being a charming, romantic, Shakespeare loving man but now he is just another Taylor beau.

Jezebel writer Madeleine Davis says, “the image of Hiddleston in that “cloying” “I Heart T.S.” tank top was reminiscent of a “tween who just grew boobs and doesn’t know what to do with them.” That is not the image they want for the new James Bond.

There are rumors that the Hiddleswift romance is just a hoax. It may be a publicity stunt for a music video of a single that will be released in August. They say that all the public displays of affection, from Rome to her July 4th party, are all for the video as well.

Regardless if it is real or not, this relationship might hurt Tom Hiddleston’s career in the long run. He isn’t going to be James Bond. I hope they don’t take Loki away from him. The God of Mischief doesn’t look so mischievous wearing a “I heart Taylor” shirt.

Hiddleswift killed James Bond

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