Keeping Your Pup Calm During the 4th


July 4th is the day where Americans commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which declare the 13 original colonies as their own nation. The whole nation celebrates with barbeques, fireworks and drinking. It is a carefree holiday that everyone seems to enjoy, almost everyone.

July 5th is unfortunately known for the busiest day for animal shelters. Pets, specifically cats and dogs, are not too keen of fireworks. The loud noises scare them and do lead them to run away. You can reference Melody Chan’s article “Keep Pets Safe from Fireworks” for some steps for cats and dogs to keep them safe. If those don’t work, you might need to visit the vet for some medication.

Roughly one third of dogs are susceptible to what vets call noise aversion. When dogs are exposed to loud noises, they cry, shake, or try to run away. July 4th, the streets are littered with patriotic buntings and streamers but on July 5th, they are littered with Lost Dog posters.

It is possible for a dog to get over their fear of fireworks with training. Using the same techniques when training a hunting dog, you can help your pup get over being afraid of loud noises. Dogs can take a low-dose melatonin supplements or even a jacket designed for dogs to mimic a hug.

If training, melatonin or the Thundershirt doesn’t work, you can get a prescription for you dog to help with his anxiety. Sileo was approved in November by the FDA. It is an oral gel containing a small amount of a chemical called dexmedetomidine. Squeeze a small amount of the gel onto your dog’s gum and it gets absorbed. This drug dulls the effect of norepinephrine

Norepinephrine is an organic chemical in the body that acts like a hormone or neurotransmitter in the body. It is similar to adrenaline and when dulled, it suppressed the flight-or-fight response. The animal health company that markets Silieo says that it calms dogs without knocking them out.

Even though the drug isn’t a cure, 74% of the dogs that took the drug in the trial helped prevent anxiety. If you don’t feel comfortable drugging your pet, you can make a fortress of solitude for you pup in a room far from the loud noises.


Keeping Your Pup Calm During the 4th

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