Cookie Dough in Hot Water Again


It is common knowledge that we are not supposed to eat raw cookie dough but no one ever listens. People assume that it is because of salmonella and the raw eggs in the dough but the FDA claims that is still unsafe even if it doesn’t have eggs in it.

The FDA warns Americans that they should eat any raw dough because of the risk of E.coli. In recent months, there has been an E.coli outbreak in many flours made by General Mills; Gold Medal, Signature Kitchen’s, and Gold Medal Wondra.

The reason for the tainted is flour is gross, animal feces. When animals and birds extricate over the wheat fields, they spread the bacteria from their feces to the grain. The wheat is processed into flour and it kills most of the pathogens but not all of them.

General Mills recalled 10 million pounds of flour because of the outbreak but it is unlikely that the FDA will cancel the warning about raw cookie dough.

The risk of becoming sick is nullified when the product is cooked. 42 cases of people getting sick have already been reported. The ones who are most at risk are people with weakened immune systems, seniors and, young children under 5. The common symptoms are abdominal cramps and diarrhea which is often bloody. It usually lasts a week. If left untreated it came become more extreme and lead to kidney failure.

Originally, we were told to stay away from raw cookie dough because of raw eggs, which lead a few companies to release dough without eggs. Now we have to worry about the flour. Good news, there are companies that have raw cookie dough with heat treated flour, which kills the bacteria in the flour.  Nestles Toll House and Pillsbury switched to heat treated dough in their cookie dough to ensure that people are not getting sick. Even though, they have warnings on their packages to not eat it raw, it seems as if they are quietly urging us too.

Raw cookie dough is good but is it worth the risk of getting sick? Sticking with cookie dough ice cream and cookie dough cookies would be the safest bet, since they are treated to kill all the extra bacteria.

Cookie Dough in Hot Water Again

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