I’m Going Down with this HiddleSwift Ship

Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Go For A Romantic Beach Walk In The UK **NO USE W/O PRIOR AGREEMENT-CALL FOR PRICING***

The hot new item in Hollywood is Hiddleswift; Tom Hiddleson and Taylor Swift. They’re relationship hit the tabloids about a week ago and it has been all steam ahead since then. They have, reportedly, been together for about a month now and to them that seems long enough to meet the parents. Things do tend to move quicker in Hollywood but honestly.

A lot of people are pretty shocked about this relationship. Taylor just split with Calvin Harris and it seems she barely took a breathe before she was seen with Tom Hiddleson. The public is introduced to this relationship, then see them perform some PDA at Selena Gomez’s concert, then they meet each other’s parents. Its tabloid gold.

Everyone loves to talk about Taylor Swift and her relationships. It does seem too good to be true. Calvin Harris claims that Taylor controlled the media coverage of their relationship. What if that was true? Are the paparazzi exploited Taylor Swift or is she exploited the paparazzi?

Taylor Swift’s image has been careful constructed since she was a young country music singer. She was introduced to the music industry as a young doe eyed country singer who just wanted to find the Romeo to her Juliet. Once she got old enough, she needed a way to advertise herself to the older crowd. That is when the ex-boyfriend dis songs started. From John Mayer to Harry Styles, it always drew attention.

Almost every musician has written as song about an ex or current relationship so why is Taylor so important? It is cause she wants us to talk about it.

Once the public started to get annoyed with the dis songs, she moved to the feminist movement. Blank Spaces and Bad Blood was used to parody and exaggerate Taylor Swift as a character.

Her relationships might be real but they are carefully crafted as well. Taylor and Taylor (Lautner) was a gimmick to help promote their small roles in Valentine’s Day. Taylor broke her “celibacy” when she started dating Calvin Harris. Once they broke up, Calvin Harris spoke out against Taylor. “[Taylor] controlled the media and this situation, I had no idea what was going on. So that kind of makes it a lot worse from my perspective.”

Even Kim Kardashian spoke out against Taylor stating she knew about Kanye’s lyric about her. Kim Kardashian needs to be taken with a grain of salt but it might not be far fetched. When Kanye jumped up on that stage and interrupted her acceptance speech started a conflict. Kanye became that villain we all love to hate. Taylor slipped into that  heroine who persevered.

Some paparazzo claim that the Tom Hiddleson PDA photos were staged. Regardless of the validity of their relationship, they are spotlight news. There are even 13 reasons why they are perfect for each other. I can almost heard the Hiddleston fangirls crying from here.

I’m Going Down with this HiddleSwift Ship

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