Kardashians and the American Dream


Penelope Disick is a part of the newest generation for the Kardashian clan and people are just as obsessed with her (and her brothers Mason and Reign and cousins, North and Saint) as they with the original set of sisters (and Rob). E! News write a good majority of their articles about the comings and goings about the Kardashians and a good amount of the time it is about normal activities. Yes, their activities cost more than the normal mans but we see them go to eat, birthday parties, and amusement parks.

Why are we so obsessed with them and other celebrities then? Is it so we can live vicariously through their lives or we love torturing ourselves by watching others live better than us?

I live my life searching for happiness and love while others search for money and success. Different type of people search for different things. One seems like an obvious choice while the other seems like nonsense but does the search for one more fulfilling than others?

It would be hard to tell for sure since there would be a few things to complicated the tracking. What if someone finds success in happiness? What if someone finds happiness in money?

The late 19th century and early 20th century started the age of the “Modern” United States and with that many people immigrated to try to get the “American Dream.” With the Modern world came modern woes; working more both physically and mentally which caused a grab bag of symptoms. Ailed with headaches, muscle pain, weight loss, irritability, anxiety, depression, impotence, “lack of ambition,”insomnia, and lethargy. Essentially, if you became unhappy, you were diagnosed with “Neurathensia.

Neurathensia or Americanitis became a disease of the culture and “Beard argued it indicated the presence of an active mind, a competitive character, a lover of liberty—in short, the quintessential American.” It became desired. The only people who became diagnosed of Neurathensia were the privileged white Protestant Northerners.

They paid to be diagnosed “unhappy” to show that they were happy and bought “treatments” to become happy again. What about those who couldn’t afford to be diagnosed unhappy? Are they happy? For free?!?

There really isn’t a method to finding happiness. I associated love with happiness but not everyone does. Maybe some find happiness in just watching the Kardashians?

Kardashians and the American Dream

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